About Arianor Photography

Photographer between Girona (Catalunya) & Lyon (France).
Photographe entre GĂ©rone et Lyon.
FotografĂ  entre Girona (Costa Brava) y Lion.

I had lived in Asia, Europa, Australia, so far my favorite place is Spain. I avoid any crowded places.
I am looking for untouched landscape, authentic nature, genuine people.

I really enjoy taking pictures especially landscape : sea/ocean, forest, and night scene.
You have probably noticed by now, but I love palmtrees, I think they are the most photogenic trees.

I am into vintage fashion and healthy home made products, naturals.
All dress presented are vintage mainly from the 20’s to the 70’s.

I have keen interest in cultural diversity, sustainable tourism, ethical fashion and fair business.
Strongly against overconsumtpion.

I use Sony reflex (mirrorless) alpha6000 with misc lenses, so far Sigma’s are my favorite.
I think it’s an awesome camera, but I don’t have much other to compare with, same for lenses.
I own an analog Olympus OM-10.
Tripod, Light Reflector, Flash.

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