Pictures are taken in Spain, Catalunya, Costa Brava, in various sides of the splendid littoral.
Unfortunatly this places are getting more and more damaged by property developer -who keep building huge ugly flats anywhere, and tourists who trash the place during the peak season.

I took these pictures to remeber what is worth protecting.
Because its beauty might very well not remains for long.

I want to show the beauty of the world, I am focusing maily on landscapes, and vintage fashion shoots.

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Tell me in contact if it will be for commercial use or personal use.
If you are not sure :
-> Print for a poster in your room, keep as background for your computer : personal.
-> Associate my pictures with a product/service : commercial.
-> Put in your blog/website to talk about a product/service, even remotely related : commercial.

Once bought pictures will be in high resolution (~6000X4000), without watermark, 24BPP (True Color), sRGB.