How to pose like a top model and look outstanding in pictures?

Everyone wants to look great in a pictures, or at least not « uglier » than you are : )
Learn how to pose properly, so you can finally look outstanding in picture, even and especially if you are not a pro model!
I am mostly working with non-pro model, even sometimes people who have NEVER pose before. A great photographer can always direct any model, however watching some of this videos before a shooting session, will be much more efficient and much more confortable for the model.

I/Pose like a Top Model even if you are not a pro!

    HOW TO POSE IN PHOTOS – 9 Tricks Pros Use to Look Perfect!

    How to look great in every photo

II/ Here are some other video I find very useful!
(And remember: an original worth more than a copy!)

    The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh

    Stay Away From These 5 Types Of Negative People

There are much more in the net, find the videos helping you the most!

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