Sponsorship & Collaboration

Hello everyone,

I am writing this post due to numerous DM & sponsorship requests throught my Instagram account (@ArianorPhotography). In fact, I am getting so many I can’t see the bottom of it. Also, please, if it is to thank me for the follow and/or like, I would rather a comment on my pictures, I am getting wayyyyyy too much of this.


Although I thank you for the interest, most of this contacts seem to be generic emails with links, from brands, I have not really regards in.

So to save everyone’s time, just some few things:

1/ I would advertise only for products I love and use, otherwise I think it is misleading.

2/ I have huge interest in Surf, SUP, Windsurf, and Kitesurf. I love sailing too.
Any sponsorship in these area would work and be great! This could be with athletes, for events, for designer, equipment, etc.

3/ It would also be great any collaboration with photography equipement.

4/ I try to travel anytime I can afford it, especially to surf spots. Any accomodation, surf camp, hikking club, climbing club, nautic club, would be also really great.

5/ Artistic events could work too.

Model Collaboration

I do have sometimes, collaboration with model (pro, semi-pro or amateur), please send your portfolio link and/or insta account (if not already done) while contacting me.